Thursday, September 18, 2008

Enemies in the financial markets are fierce warriors

Jonathan here. Having just talked with his friend in Manhattan, Dick Barron, business reporter at the Greensboro-News Record, writes, in his BizBytes newsletter (click here, follow instructions to subscribe to BizBytes)

  • "As one of my friends in Manhattan wrote today on [his] Twitter [page]: "Just walked to Wall Street for a meeting and back. The mood on the street is weird. Everyone looks weak, frightened and angry, like on 9/11" [emphasis mine].
Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War in the 6th century BC. His military strategies are still being taught.
  • “Draw them in with the prospect of gain. Take them by confusion. Use anger to throw them into disarray."
Understanding Sun Tzu's brilliant strategies puts the unprecedented economic events and (investors' unprecedented reactions) into perspective.
  • Investors have been drawn in with the prospect of gain.
  • Investors have been taken by confusion.
  • Investors have been thrown into disarray.

You need allies in your war. When the News-Record called us during Monday's 504 point drop in the Dow, we said investors needed to "take a deep breath," and we explained why we didn't need to "stay glued to the TV for the latest headline." Click here to read the article.

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