Thursday, September 25, 2008

Presidential Address

Justin here. I tuned in last night to watch the President address the nation about our financial crisis. I was impressed with the way he laid out the problem and its causes, clarified the difference between a "bailout" and an "investment", and explored the consequences of not doing anything.

He didn't say anything funny as in the past (like "Americans are working hard to put food on their families") but it was a great address none the less.

For anyone wanting a recap, it's well worth your next 12 minutes. Take caution though: The "If We Don't Do This" Scenario isn't for the faint of heart!

--Update #1--
It looks like we've done it after all. The video is still worth it

--Update #2--
. . . or maybe we haven't done it. (And note that the link under "Update #1" used to take you to an article that said "negotiations resolved; deal is on the way" or something like that.)

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