Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You Think You're Paying Too Much In Taxes?

Justin here. For all its quirks, it's hard to find a better (and cheaper) place to easily track what you spend that at On top of that, the Mint blog does an equally great job at relaying financial concepts in easy to understand methods; today's post doesn't disappoint.

Note that the y-axis numbers are misaligned with the chart for some reason, but the meat of the chart is still right (for those of you who don't remember, the "y" axis is the vertical axis, also known as the "yo-yo" axis because it goes up and down . . . how about that?)

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  1. Seeing the chart makes me think investors holding unexcercised stock option grants would be wise to excercise option grants this year, especially if their stock price is ahead of fair value and the business carries an above average risk rating or has a narrow or non-existent economic moat. That taxes will be higher beyond 2010 is almost certain. But it's easier to do nothing and "wait and see" but it's also irrational. This article from the Wall Street Journal is a good companion piece:


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