Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Surprise Call From a Congressman

Justin here. Congressman Howard Coble has been in US House about as long as I've been out of preschool. He's on our quarterly mailing list and knows Jonathan fairly well (I don't think it's just because he requests a new flag every couple of years, but maybe.)

You can imagine my surprise today when he called asking for me. It went roughly like this:

Congressman Coble: "Well son, I got your press release with your recent commentary and was just calling to congratulate you on the CFA."

"Well, thank you sir."

Congressman Coble:
"Now that was pretty hard wasn't it? How long did it take?"

"About 3 years and a thousand hours."

Congressman Coble:
"Yes, I don't imagine they're just handing those CFA's out in the restroom stalls, now are they?"

"No sir, not in any of the restrooms I've been in."
What a surprise joy. Something happens in a phone call, letter, or meeting that just can't happen over facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, or even email. I'll try to remember that.


  1. Awesome! Congrats again.


  2. What a hoot! Pretty fun. Restroom stalls? Are you kidding me?! You better "set that down" (on paper, not just an e-verison) as Mr. Mauney used to say.

    You earned both the call and the designation Justin. Congrats.


  3. That's wonderful. What a fantastic surprise, and a real confirmation that your hard work and dedication has paid off in the end.


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