Friday, May 02, 2008

Two marathons in one day

Friend and fellow Gate City Rotarian Darlene Leonard sent this article from the News-Record. When I saw Run Bobby Run! in the subject line I didn't have to wonder what she sent me.

I'm not a runner, but running marathons and doing my job (aka managing the hopes, dreams, fears, savings for college and retirement, for 117 wonderful client families) have a lot in common. Bobby, for those who might not now, is a runner. He runs through my neighborhood all the time. As much as he runs, he probably runs through everyone's neighborhood all the time.

Turns out, "When you're running you face challenges every day, but you have to keep on going, and when you get through it, there's a sense of accomplishment. So running is a metaphor for how we live every day -- for life, I guess." Says Bobby Christiansen, 50, marathon runner and Gate City Rotarian.

Bobby, I learned, runs with another runner in my neighborhood, Daniel Hassell, 40, dad, husband, physician, and friend; Daniel's too humble to say this about himself so I guess I'll have to say it for him: Daniel has without a doubt one of the best Lighted Christmas Ball displays in all of Greensboro, and that says a lot because he's across the street from me!

By the way, Bobby and Daniel ran in the Boston Marathon this Monday (check out their times), so if you happen to be posted where you can cheer them as they run by (and hopefully take pictures), don't blink or you're likely to miss them.

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