Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Making a difference

The News-Record's Sonja Elmquist wrote a wonderful article about 600 orphan children living in one of the world's poorest nations, and how two men stepped up to the plate ten years ago to make a difference.

Brothers in law Jack Reynolds and Father Marc share a vision: make a sustainable difference in the lives of Haiti's orphans. All this excitement takes place at Theo's Work. Jack raises the money and encourages Father Mark in his role. Jack is really good at inviting anyone who will take him seriously to go with him to Haiti to see and to do, first-hand, meaningful life-changing work. Father Marc runs the orphanage and school and encourages Jack in his role. Father Marc does a terrific job involving and thanking donors, something not easily accomplished in the world of non-profits.

So far, Jack's involved at least three guys I know in this important work: Max Kern, Chuck Downey, and Drew Jones. Max, Chuck, Jack and I (and about 55 other fired-up men and women) are Gate City Rotarians. I don't know if Drew is a Rotarian or not, but he doesn't stand a chance. Next time he jogs through Sunset Hills, Jack and I plan to tackle him and bring him to a Thursday morning meeting, which if you haven't attended, you should.

Whoever said Rotary is just a club for old men and their fathers hasn't visited Gate City yet. I've been places where I've read the vision statement but at Gate City, I feel the vision statement.

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